The Ultimate Waterman will involve competition across the following major wave riding and water sports.

The sports (disciplines) to be contested are:

  • Shortboard surfing
  • Longboard surfing
  • Stand Up Paddle (SUP) surfing
  • Stand Up Paddle (SUP) endurance
  • Big Wave Paddle in surfing
  • Waka-Ama endurance
  • Prone Paddleboard
  • Underwater Strength, Run and Swim

Equipment Specifications

Shortboard surfing – No weight or length restrictions
Longboard surfing – Board length must be a minimum of 9ft measured from nose to tail on the deck of the surfboard.  The width dimensions are a total of 47 inches aggregate.  This is the total of the widest point plus the width 12 inches up from the tail and the width 12 inches back from the nose.
Big Wave Paddle in Surfing – No weight or length restrictions
SUP Surfing – No weight or length restrictions
Stand Up Paddle (SUP) endurance – 12’6 and under, no weight restrictions


  • Single hull
  • Stationary / non-correctional fins
  • Fin-box allowed

Waka-Ama endurance – Waka-Amas are supplied by the event organiser.

Prone Paddleboard – Dolphin boards are supplied by event organiser and are 10’6″ in length.